Recommended Reading 

The following is a list of books recommended by the editor and staff at The Classical Contrarians. This collection is always growing and, if a reader has a suggested book, one can always send the staff an email with appropriate information, including title, author, or ISBN. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading these as much as we have. 


The Bible

While this likely goes without saying, the Bible is the foundational text of Western civilization. The past 2,000 years have been a reaction, whether positively or negatively, to what is revealed in the New Testament in particular. While most translations may serve one well, we recommend the Navarre, Douay-Rheims, or Revised Standard Version. 


Plato's Republic

Plato wrote this discussion on political theory in 380 B.C. Plato via Socrates traces the thought of a society in which all citizens are "happy." Whether one agrees or disagrees with Plato, all political thought since the books inception has lived in Plato's shadow. We strongly recommend the Allan Bloom translation from the original Greek. 


Aristotle's Politics

While Plato constructs a fictional republic, Aristotle spends time deconstructing the actual world of politics. This treatise delves into some of the earliest work of political science, building on Aristotelean concepts of man and society.